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Almost There

ZestroLeow  X  AmadoGudek  X  OfTryingTimes

Almost There is a three-part homeware assembly kit made in collaboration with Of Trying Times, Singaporean ceramist, Zestro Leow and resin jewellery maker, Amado Gudek. Enclosed in each kit is an interactive set of candle and dish component as well as a brooch that bears a wearable moment of this experience.



“The innocence of youth captured within a capsule, so beautiful and precious, yet fragile to time.”

Shaped like a familiar popsicle that has become synonymous with childhood, the candle represents youth embodied within a wealth of experiences. Highly susceptible to influence, its short-lived lifespan is a testament to its fleeting nature.



“It is how we’re made to be – a vessel of all our youth, holding just enough so we don’t tip over.”

A symbol of stability and maturity, Zestro Leow’s glazed ceramic dish is the finality of our youth. When combined with the candle, it is where we collect ourselves and recover from half a lifetime of experiences, and reassemble the parts to form our identities.



“Time never escapes us, so let not youth be fleeting, but frozen in time.”

Don’t let our youth be lost in a flood of memories; we keep the good times captured within crystalline cases and let them flourish in a swirl of beautiful colours. Amado Gudek’s brooch is a wearable takeaway of this experience, symbolic of the songs we used to sing, games we used to play, and clothes we used to wear. With it, we can wear our experience proudly on our chest.


“The passage of time is punctuated by an assortment of colourful experiences, and we are but an agreeable marriage of all that has come to be.”

Through a simple cut, the candle is combined with the dish and becomes a ritual; an experiential re-imagination of how we became who we are, and an illustration of time catching up on us.

Starting out as blank slates exposed to the fears of growing older, we allow ourselves to transform towards the finality of adolescence.

As we get older, we often think about the experiences of our pastimes in times past and we dwell on the nostalgia of bygones. Perhaps adulthood – all of it – is merely a reinterpretation of youth; time shapes us to become Version Two’s of ourselves.

Envisioned in collaboration with Zestro Leow (Ceramic Dish) & Amado Gudek (Brooch), the way this project unfolded breathed life into the key message – “everything that comes along in life will leave its mark in the future”.



100 % Soy Wax 
Vanilla Scented 
Dimensions: Approximately 5.5 x 13 cm

Ceramic Dish 
Dimensions: Approximately 14 x 14 cm

Material: Bio-resin, Soy Wax, Candle Dye, Metal Hardware 
Dimensions: Approximately 1.8 x 4.2 cm

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