COMMON TOUCH is a Singapore based craft unit working together to create distinctive and purely handcrafted ceramic homeware. From different types of clay and combination of stains and glazes, each piece is hand-thrown and individually crafted.

From multi-use crockery and tableware, to domestic pots and planters, we aim to create well thought, well presented and above all, well-crafted products.

We seek the reinvention of forms at the melting point of old and new....

The Sweet Melting of Time is a playful installation in a contemporary setting.

The mixed media installation aims to create new ways of overlapping the fields of Design and Art, this visually sensational experience would be narratively curated through the exploration of iconography. We aim to showcase how we, the young artisans from the current generation, would perceive happiness, extracting the essence from the past into the contemporary. Therefore, by infusing both...

 Kato Art Duo has always mission to showcase binary of artworks of artworks between the well-established and budding artists. This October we are delighted to present Dawn of Youth, an exhibition featuring young emerging artists from Japan and Singapore. The beginning journey of every young artist is exciting and challenging one. They are ambitious and bright young individuals, who are strive to create with new contemporary ideas. Dawn of Youth will introduce young J...

'Almost There' is a three-part homeware assembly kit made in collaboration with Of Trying Times, Singaporean ceramist, Zestro Leow and resin jewellery maker, Amado Gudek. Enclosed in each kit is an interactive set of candle and dish component as well as a brooch that bears a wearable moment of this experience.

Handmade in Singapore, this item is made-to-order so please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be shipped.

If we have available stock, we will ship this within 3...

April 3, 2016

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

“To build on the concept of the ‘Pottery Jungle’, where people can discover beauty in its simplest state.”

Founded in 1965 by Tan Kim Seh, Thow Kwang started off as a small cottage industry. Initially producing glazed pottery cups for nearby rubber plantations, used in the collection of natural rubber.

Thow Kwang also met the demands of the local consumer market by manufacturing water jars, which were utilised for bathwater storage.


January 21, 2016


Represented by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts // Booth A1b




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