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Almost There

ZestroLeow  X  AmadoGudek  X  OfTryingTimes

The Sweet Melting of Time

ZestroLeow  X  FyonCheong  X  KCottageStudio



Mixed Media

To bring out the festival theme, ‘Stories – A New Perspective’, the collaboration involves an interactive site-specific installation that aims to create a new way of seeing happiness, an emotion that is intangible into something tangible.

The Sweet Melting of Time is a playful installation in a contemporary setting.

The mixed media installation aims to create new ways of overlapping the fields of Design and Art, this visually sensational experience would be narratively curated through the exploration of iconography. We aim to showcase how we, the young artisans from the current generation, would perceive happiness, extracting the essence from the past into the contemporary. Therefore, by infusing both trends of the past into the present, the installation allows the young and young-at-heart to explore and experience the fun-loving times. 


It is where the daily experience is functionally compartmentalised, by creating a space that induces the process of communication. The embrace of a childlike imagination that escapes the rules and conditions of legitimised grown-up thinking and language. We experiment with different concepts of art by distorting and reconstructing the everyday life practice.

Beautiful moments of our lives always seemed to accelerate and slip beyond our grasps the moment we decided to want to hold onto them as long as we can. However, you can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream, and that’s kind of the same thing.

As much as we do not wish our childhood and teenage-hood to past, we wish we could have an ability to reset time. Visitors will be able to take part in an interaction as part of the installation by overturning the hourglasses, by doing so, it represents the continuity of the moment of happiness where they wish to live in, avoiding the time to stop. Which in the case, the motion of the sand in hourglasses represents time counting down.

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